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                中文 | English

                Enterprise Culture of Sunshine

                Entering into Sunshine, you will not see any words like "People First" or "Good Faith" and so on, but through the mental attitude of Sunshine staffs and team atmosphere as well as unique connotation of the Company, you will profoundly sense the deep-seated cultural deposits and excellent traditional spirits of Sunshine: respecting talents and knowledge; innovation and co-sharing; united and joint development!

                Fusing advanced management modes, innovatively referring to good management experience from good enterprises, Sunshine has formed its unique enterprise culture.

                In Sunshine, work is not the only important matter. Through abundant incentive activities, the Company signs the contract for the soul between the Company and all staffs.

                We are marching forwards hand in hand, overcoming all kinds of difficulties, striving for the mutual target of the Company and all staffs!