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                中文 | English

                Caring for Employees

                Sunshine exalts the tenet of “people first”, takes “talent is primary productive force” as the guiding ideology, treats “applying the persons having both ability and political integrity, knowing how to judge and apply talents” as talent concept and regards the personnel as the primary resource and the most valuable wealth of company. It is the motive power for Sunshine to develop and grow and the key for the company to succeed in future that the company attaches great importance to talents and training as well as developing talents. The company aims to train a good team having both ability and political integrity to promote the management, technology; production and operation continue to go forward, achieving greater development and competition advantage for the company and providing the opportunity and space of sustainable development for employees. 

                The company concludes and signs labor contract with the personnel in strict accordance with the laws and regulations of Labor Law of the People’s Republic of China and Labor Contract Law of  the People’s Republic of China and the principles of “equality, voluntary and consensus” to guarantee personnel’s  labor, rest, personal safety and other basic rights and interests. At the same time, the company initiates “happy work, happy life”, enabling the personnel to enjoy life while working. The company often launches various colorful activities from time to time, driving the personnel to release pressure and take easy when working. 

                In order to help the personnel whose family encounters greater financial difficulties due to emergency or serious disease, the company sets up mutual funds for personnel to care and help the personnel in difficulty, propagate the social responsibilities of helping those in distress and aiding those in peril, advocate the noble morality of helping each other and solidarity and friendship.