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                中文 | English

                Additive Manufacturing(3D Printing)

                3D print technology is the classic representative of material increase manufacturing technology, which has achieved the manufacture process of Addition Process from nonexistence to pass into existence, and pursued "infinite creations" under the concepts of "design equals to production" and "design equals to products". Focusing on product form creativity and function innovation, greatly lowering the cost of product research, development and innovation and shortening the innovation research and development cycle, 3D print manufacturing technology has enhanced technics realization ability, broadened the engineering application field and promoted the green manufacturing pattern.

                • Automotive Industry

                  Automotive Industry

                  The biggest feature of 3D print is that molding process is irrelevant to the complexity. SLS technic is widely used in car components development and racing car components manufacturing, especially fit for components such as engine cylinder body, cylinder head and intake-exhaust pipes with extremely complex interior structure.


                • Aeronautical & Aerospace

                  Aeronautical & Aerospace

                  Aerospace products have the features of complex shapes, great differences between parts' standards, high requirement for reliability, etc. Finalizing the design of the product is a complex and precise process, which often needs repeated verification and costs much money and time, so it is hard to make it through traditional methods. However, 3D print has a unique application prospect in modern aerospace products research and development by its fle

                • Architecture & Construction

                  Architecture & Construction

                  Creating building models by designing or 3D scanning can make people see the mockup of the building quickly and directly, and apply to the aspects like engineers design reference, city planning and estate show, so as to produce more direct effects.

                • Art & Creative Design

                  Art & Creative Design

                  About utilizing traditional molding-making manufacturing pattern, the application advantage of 3D print in art and creativity is more prominent and it has great application prospect in fields like individualized design, modern artworks production and ancient art reproduction and so on.

                • Industrial Prototype

                  Industrial Prototype

                  SLS technology has unique advantages in the industrial mock up sample, and is suitable for manufacture of shell mock up sample with small size and complicated structure, proofing of sub-size parts, and small batch and medium batch production of parts with mechanics requirements (sub-size plastic parts, etc.).

                • Other Application

                  Other Application

                  It is also widely applied in many orientations, such as medical device areas (manufacturing accurate and appropriate medical devices and bone models to make it possible for patients to gain comfortable medical care), restoration of antiques, teaching exhibitions, etc.