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                中文 | English

                3D Laser Direct Structuring


                LDS technology allows the surface of the housing of injection molded plastic to become an electrical function dimensional circuit. Geometric three-dimensional design for the production of the antenna products provides the flexibility and freedom, far beyond the commonly used soft antenna technology. Using the three-dimensional laser system LDS technology we can design and transfer CAD data to model antenna or directly transfer to device structure. This technology will provider support for customers in 3D antenna design, development and production of mobile phone antenna.At the same time, in other areas of electronics and plastics industries such as automotive, medical and security technology can also find applicable uses.

                • Telecommunication Antenna

                  Telecommunication Antenna

                  LDS phone holder in the communications antenna design can be realized truly 3D, in order to get a good RF effects and simplify the assembly installation process.

                • Consumer Electronic

                  Consumer Electronic

                  The LDS technologies will make the Consumer Electronic products small with thin and light, and make handle easy.

                • Medical Equipment

                  Medical Equipment

                  The LDS technology's benefits in the Medical Device industry are the Full 3 dimensional design, Flexibility in product design,Reflow solderability and Efficiency at low volume.

                • Other Application

                  Other Application

                  There is a bright future foe LDS in a wide range of applications in the fields of smart home furnishing,industry sensors,aerospace,etc.