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                中文 | English

                Personalized design and manufacturing of precise metal and non-metal components

                Based on precise laser processing technology, the Company can provide the personalized design and manufacturing of various metal and non-metal precise components according to demands of customers. The Company has the most advanced precise laser processing devices of various brands in the world, being applicable for different processing and manufacturing demands, applicable for the demands on precise components in electronics industry, semiconductor industry, and industry of articles for daily use, etc.

                • Precision Parts

                  Precision Parts

                  All kinds of precision metal parts, such as filters , IC lead frame , disk manufacturing.

                • metal grating slice

                  metal grating slice

                  Used in various encoder code disk , stepper motor grating.

                • Laser Cutting of Cover Lens

                  Laser Cutting of Cover Lens

                  Applied to all kinds of mobile intelligent terminal cover glass processing , such as mobile phones , tablet computers, navigation systems, over most of the other.

                • Laser cutting and drilling of Ceramic

                  Laser cutting and drilling of Ceramic

                  Applied to the LED ceramic substrate , passive devices such as ceramic resistor cutting , scribing, drilling.

                • Laser Welding

                  Laser Welding

                  Laser welding is a laser material processing technology is one of the important aspects. Because of its unique advantages, has been successfully applied to micro , small parts precision welding.

                • Laser Marking

                  Laser Marking

                  Laser marking is the use of high energy density of the laser local irradiation of the workpiece , so that the surface color change material vaporization or chemical reaction , thus leaving a permanent mark a marking method.

                • Laser Deep Engraving

                  Laser Deep Engraving

                  The use of high energy density of the laser beam acts on the target , in order to create deeper , more efficient material penetration and material removal.