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                Electronic manufacturing industry related products

                In the electronics manufacturing industry production chain , for assembly , testing, production and other uses of assistive devices tool. Light rhyme can provide all kinds of functional test fixture , the furnace fixture , BGA rework fixture, tray , anti-static inspection cover panels. Light rhyme since 2004 began to get involved tooling folder ( rule ) with the industry , providing customers with "one-stop " service, has now become one of the electronic tooling folder ( rule ) with design and manufacturing industry in the forefront.


                • Anti-static inspection Templates

                  Anti-static inspection Templates

                • Mobile sealing test fixture

                  Mobile sealing test fixture

                • FCT test fixture

                  FCT test fixture

                • Laptop motherboard reflow fixture

                  Laptop motherboard reflow fixture

                • Wave solder fixture

                  Wave solder fixture

                • Automatic dispensing fixture

                  Automatic dispensing fixture

                • FPC magnetic fixture

                  FPC magnetic fixture