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                中文 | English

                Laser structuring of flexible circuit board


                The UV laser device imported from Germany adopts UV-DPSS laser device,being able to process FPC structuring,FPC micropore drilling,FPC blind hole drilling,high polymer material cutting ,LTCC low temperature Co-fired ceramic circuit board cutting and drilling,application of high-precise component structuring and so on.
                The technology application process is automatic during the whole process,owning the characteristic of being high-precise,high-efficient,high-quality,low carbon and environment friendly,setting a precedent in the innovation of UV laser application technology.

                • FPC cutting and drilling

                  FPC cutting and drilling

                  Changing the traditional cutting craft with contour cutting,drilling,and dielectric layer removal by direct laser processing of complex FPC.

                • Cover layer cutting for flexible PCB

                  Cover layer cutting for flexible PCB

                  Adopting UV laser cutting,without any deformation and carbonization.

                  Different shape and size processing.

                  Smooth and neat side walls.