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                中文 | English

                Precise Laser Drilling


                Laser drilling technology plays an increasingly important role in modern manufacturing industry and processing industry,while the precise drilling on metal and non-metal materials has been extensively applied in modern manufacturing industry.For instance,HDI manufacturing is the most fast developed trend in PCB industry.Along with the promotion of integration degree,laser as the more advanced HDI drilling technology,will gradually replace mechanical drilling.Sunshine has the most advanced CO2 and UV drilling devices in the world,which are suitable for customer demands of different levels,and are capable of operating HDI circuit board drilling and LTCC drilling and so on. 

                • HDI PCB Drilling

                  HDI PCB Drilling

                  Utilize the most advance International laser drilling press.
                  Quick speed、perfect aperture shape,good for electro-plating.
                  Directly applied to copper,few working procedure,low cost,high efficiency.

                • Laser drilling on metal materials

                  Laser drilling on metal materials

                  Mainly applicable for printing in touch screen industry and wafer salient point printing.

                • Laser drilling on non-metal materials

                  Laser drilling on non-metal materials

                  Ceramic and diamond cutting and drilling:applicable for cutting and drilling of various ceramics,solving the ceramic circuit board producing problem;also applicable for the precise cutting of diamonds,crystals and solar energy silicon slices,reducing cost and waste.