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                中文 | English

                Precision Laser Stencil

                Template action is transforming the solder paste in SMT printing link to PCB pad. The company owns world-renowned German LPKF e equipment and can provide general laser template, electro-polishing laser template and ladder template to meet the production requirements of different customers. With the progress of electronic technology, in order to adapt to the printing of superfine space and small devices, the company was devoted to research and develop to push forward superfine crystal template and nanometer template to meet the requirements of high-end customers and products. The company has more than 20 branches and agencies in the whole world, proving “one-stop service” for global electronics manufacturing industries, which has been the unit with the most comprehensive similar products and service types in China.   

                • Laser Stencil

                  Laser Stencil

                  Printing performance surpasses chemical etched stencils.

                  Usually applies to IC PCB tin paste printing for pitches of 0.5mm or above.

                • Electro-polish Stencils

                  Electro-polish Stencils

                  Uses a unique polishing method to eliminate burrs from wall openings to enhance printing performance.
                  Usually applies to IC’s with pitches over 0.4mm,has 01005 or above CHIP part’s PCB tin paste printing.

                • STEP-DOWN/UP Stencils

                  STEP-DOWN/UP Stencils

                  Uses a steel disk with large area for crafting.Removes selected surface areas to present two more thicknesses within the steel disk. Afterwards,use our regular stencil fabrication for manufacturing.
                  Usually applies to PCB’s that require different stencil thickness for tin paste application.


                • Fine Grain Stencils

                  Fine Grain Stencils

                  Applicable to ultra-precision devices solder paste printing,especially in the design and use of devices 01005.

                  Stencil has long service life,higher solder paste printing yield rate.

                • Nano Stencil

                  Nano Stencil

                  Apply to reduce smear,reduce cleaning cycle,improves efficiency of solder printer.
                  Surface nano-coating formal a layer of special functional protective film. The film has repelling effect of an organic solvent such as fluxing ingredients less paste making the particle and the fluxing ingredients less adhesive to the surface of the stencil.

                • Pump print glue Stencils

                  Pump print glue Stencils

                  Is suitable for the PCB board AI automatic plug-in before printing glue process template.