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                中文 | English

                Talent strategy

                Applying the persons having both ability and political integrity, knowing how to judge and apply talents

                Talent is the fundament for enterprise to keep a foothold, while excellent talent is the motive power for the enterprise development.

                Having both ability and political integrity

                Character and moral is the first, approving enterprise culture;
                Good at learning, communicating, executing, cooperating and summarizing;
                Responsible, reflect personal specialty in action.

                Knowing how to judge and apply talents

                Recognize talents: make fair development platform to fully develop the potential and explore advantages and strengthens of employees.
                Apply talents: put the right people in right jobs, creating development space and opportunities for employees.
                Train talents: based on enterprise talent development plan, establish learning organization, provide diversity training, assist employees in planning occupational career in a scientific way and provide talents with sustainable development for enterprise.